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  • How do I know how much something costs if nothing has tags on it?
    Everything in our store is sold by weight! We have scales located throughout for you to check your cart's weight and our checkout has commercially graded scales ready for you! At $6.99 per pound you will be shocked by how much you can buy!
  • Are your clothes used or new?
    Both! The majority of our clothes are secondhand, but we do have many new pieces as well. With our high sorting standards, our staff works tirelessly to ensure all of the clothes in our bins, no matter used or new, are clean and presentable.
  • How are your clothes organized?
    All of our clothes are in 100 custom-made "treasure chests" with each one corresponding to a category. We also have a wall of shoes and several handbags and accessories available. We have a men's row that has dress shirts, pants, tops, sportswear, jeans, sweaters, shorts, jackets, and blazers. Then, we have our women's section where we have pants, joggers, jeans, skirts, blazers, and sportswear organized by category. Followed by the women's tops, blouses, dresses, sweaters, and jackets which are all organized by size! We also have a wide range of hoodies available in our unisex bins. And finally for the adults, we also have several plus size bins available for men and women! Lastly, our children's section is organized by age with bins for ages 0-3, 4-8, and 8+ for boys and girls, with additional bins for the pants/ jeans and winter jackets.
  • How often do you restock?
    We put new products out on the floor every day, it is a question of which categories because we fill the bins as they empty out and some move faster than others. If we see that a bin has been stagnant, we will empty it out and fill it with totally fresh product, so we are always doing our best to ensure that there is something new for anyone who walks in our doors.
  • Is there a minimum purchase amount?
    No, there isn't! You can buy as much or as little as your heart desires, but with tens of thousands of pounds of clothes for men, women, and children on our sales floor, we have a strong feeling you'll be leaving with more than you planned for!
  • Is the store in North York your only location?
    So far! We opened on March 24th of 2022 and are working hard to make our store the best it can be! Hopefully with the support of our loyal Shmata customers we can bring more thrifted deals across the province one day!
  • Where do you get your clothes from?
    We buy from charities!
  • Do you have fitting rooms?
    To keep our prices as low as they are, we do not currently offer fitting rooms. As such, we highly recommend knowing your measurements before coming and we can offer you measuring tape in-store, just ask our cashier!
  • What is your return policy?
    To keep our prices as low as they are, all sales are final. As such, we highly recommend knowing your measurements before coming and we have measuring tapes in-store for your use, just ask our cashier!
  • Do you accept donations? Or do you buy clothes?
    While we do buy from charities, we are not one ourselves so if you decide to give your clothes to us, we will graciously accept them and thank you greatly for supporting our business. However, we only buy our clothes in bulk from verified suppliers, so we will only be able to offer you our thanks in exchange.
  • I saw on TikTok you had high-end designer brands, but I didn't find any when I went... what gives?
    Our high sorting standards mean that we do our best to have everything going into our bins be clean and presentable, but we cannot guarantee that you will find what you see on our social media pages because everything is first come, first serve. We always do have these sorts of items coming in, but their frequency can vary and whether you can find them depends on how long you spend looking and how lucky you are. And that is part of the thrill of Shmata, you never know what gems you'll find!
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