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The Shmata Story

Image by Aviv Rachmadian

Who you are is what you wear.


Showing off your best self shouldn’t break the bank – and this is why we at Shmata have been searching the world for the finest sources of clothing and bringing it to you.


We don’t do price tags – that’s so 2021. At Shmata, enjoy the thrill of seeking a great deal on clothes, shoes, accessories, and more, where everything costs $4.99 per pound. Doesn’t matter which fashion house it comes from or how intricate the stitching is, we stick to our price per pound so all you need to do is find the clothes that represent your best self.


Come hunt through our “treasure chests” (custom and locally made bins) to find your next favourite outfit. Be stylish and savvy with an assortment of new and gently used pieces from some of the hottest designers and latest brands at fair costs – only at Shmata.

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