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Wondering what the Shmata Experience is all about?


You can buy clothes for $6.99 a lb at Shmata. Just sift through the clothes and find the gems. Find it in Toronto at 1959 Finch Ave W.

Shmata Shopping Tips

Wondering how to make the best out of your next thrift trip? Here's a few tips!

Alycia Thrifts

Come thrifting with me at Shmata Thrift Store in Toronto! I shop for vintage clothing by the pound and show you everything I found in a try on haul! 

Shopping at Shmata

Check out this amazing video of @morganesardella sharing her experience with us! We always love to see our customers’ #shmatafinds so make sure to tag us to be featured!

Wonder no longer! Here are some videos and articles about us from all around town that'll give you a better idea of what it's like to shop at Shmata! 

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